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About - Aegean Blue Cruise


AEGEAN BLUE CRUISE It was established as a family business in 2002 and purchased the real handmade gullet sailboat SU-3, where you will spend quality time.

We always want to offer you an unrivaled quality of service, always by your side from the beginning to the end of your trip. We support our hospitality by combining it with our professional working approach.
When you arrive on the boat, an experienced captain, a private cook and an experienced crew will hospitably welcome you under the leadership of Mrs. H. Jay, the owner of the boat.

There will be a variety of fruit drinks and snacks carefully selected and carefully prepared at the boat welcome. The cleanliness of the boat will attract your attention, while you taste the food. You will see our hospitality and feel at home.
You will exchange information about the route with the captain. In addition, you will not encounter any surprises for what you see on our website. You will see what we have presented to you. Maybe there will be more than what we offer.