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Bodrum Gökova - Aegean Blue Cruise


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We will take you to the islands and coves of Turkey's legendary Aegean coast in the Aegean Region, one of the most beautiful silhouettes of the world. You will experience the hospitality of the local people, while you discover the unique cultural treasures and natural beauty of this region. You will be surprised every time as you visit the unique bays and islands with many different vegetation.
We will finish our tour, which will start at the ancient port in Bodrum, at the same point in 1 week, and you can't wait to see where we will go while making this dream come true. and we feel it. As a whole team, we continue to have different pleasures every time we go, because we think that our profession is not a job, but our guests have arrived and it is time to host our guests.
Yes, the name of the region we will go on the weekly tour is unique and mysterious Gokova. I say unique and mysterious because in ancient times it was central to gods and goddesses and attracted kings and queens. You will see in these heavenly bays that the trees curved towards the sea and created harmony in the seas as if they accepted the curling of the trees. Perhaps, the reason why the Aegean coast is considered the most beautiful place in the world is the Gokova Gulf. You will experience these beauties and decide. When it comes to the places, where we will go in this paradise region;

Orak Island; If we say that ORAK ISLAND is the indispensable region or princess of Bodrum, I guess we wouldn't be exaggerating. A marvelous sea and a great serenity

COKERTME BAY The COKERTME BAY is a village that has been the subject of poets and a bay that has not lost anything of its charm. Small clustered houses, carpet weaving workshop and a few restaurants will welcome you. In short, there is an idyllic atmosphere in the poet's collapse.

It is a region where you can enjoy diving by breathing the air of the ROOF ruins and natural LAGOON and sheltered pine forests that you will fall in love with. When we arrive at the SEVEN ISLANDS, you will see that there is another world inside the world. There is such a beautiful sea that you will immediately take your goggles and wait for the time when the captain will stop the boat.
We will anchor in the KUFRE bay. Then, you will take a nature walk in the pine forests and you will have the chance to take a walk in this bay, which is known as the address of peace. In addition to these bays and islands, you will also see the long island, the mertil island, the olive island and the small islands, as well as the pine forest, sky tree and elm harbor.
BRITISH PORT: Why a British port? Because it witnessed history during the 2nd World War, became a port for British warships and motor torpedoes, and attracted everyone with its peaceful nature and turquoise water.
With its red pine forests, famous floodplain bay and natural landscape, the FLOODPLAIN AND TUZLA BAYS are beauty places that have been poured out from the brush of a famous painter. You will feel rejuvenated when you inhale the earthy scent of pine trees. In the Tuzla Bay, you will find peace in a corner of the sea that contains every shade of blue.

CLEOPATRA (SEDIR) island: This ancient island is also called the ancient city of Cedreae. You will have the opportunity to go to the beach with golden sand that fascinates those, who see it, and you will be surprised to see it. The sand found in the small bay on the island is rare and it is said it was brought from Egypt. According to the legend, Cleopatra and Anthony brought sand from corn to build a beach, where they could sunbathe together. There are several Byzantine historical ruins and many historical buildings from the early Carian period on the island. You can also see the ruins of a theater, a temple and city walls.