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Things to know for a high quality boat tour are as follows:

Wear of shoes on the boat
Your regular shoes that you wear outside are not worn on the boat. Walking barefoot on the boat deck is considered appropriate on the boat. Soft-soled shoes can be worn to move around the deck.
Toilet on board
The boat toilet has a complex and delicate structure and can be clogged very easily. Therefore, we ask that you do not throw toilet paper or any other sanitary product into the toilet bowls, and use the trash cans in the toilets for these.
Water is strictly limited on boats. Therefore, we ask you to keep your showers short and not to waste water while brushing your teeth.
Power supply
The power supply in the boats is usually 12 and 24 volts. We have domestic power supply for your electronic devices.
Seasickness is a common condition. You can take a seasickness pill with you. We have seasickness pills on our boat.
For your own safety and the boat's safety, we kindly ask you not to smoke indoors and in the cabins.