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1. All holidays at this website are sold under the following terms.

2. The person, whose name is specified in the contract, will be accepted as the group leader by us and therefore it is the person, agrees the following terms and conditions for himself and all the people available on the booking list.

3. The current version of all prices is published at the website. The information published here is the most recently updated version. We reserve the right to change the services, tours, prices or sightseeing vehicles published on the site without any indemnity or reimbursement obligation.

4. The booking becomes final only when all or 30% of the tour price is received by Aegean Blue Cruise Yachting as a deposit payment.

5. This article applies to tours to be made as a cabin rental.

Even if it is related to health or family reasons, our customers, who want to cancel their cabin tour reservation, must accept the following fees:
If it is notified prior to 90 days for yacht tours, Aegean Blue Cruise will accept your cancellation and refund all your money except 50 € per person.
If it is notified prior to 60 days for yacht tours, no refund will be made under any circumstances.
For any cancellations made prior 45 days for the cabin tours, Aegean Blue Cruise will accept your cancellation and refund your remaining money with a 25 € deduction per person.
Cabin tours canceled 30 days before, 50% refund will be made.
In case of cancellation of the cabin tours prior to 15 days, no refund will be made under any circumstances.

6. Unless it is stated previously, no insurance is included in the prices for any of our customers. Therefore, we recommend that our customers take out their own insurance for health insurance (illness & accident), loss and theft of luggage, theft, cancellations. If such events happen during the tour, Aegean Blue Cruise will not be liable to pay any cost. It is also not obliged to pay some or all of the money.

7. Aegean Blue Cruise's responsibilities are limited. Aegean Blue Cruise is responsible for any delay or change in the itinerary, equipment or machinery breakdown, strike, robbery, loss and theft of luggage, any damages incurred during stay in the gullet boat, meals, baggage handling, war or terrorist incidents (threated/actual), weather cannot be held responsible under any circumstances for its conditions or any related matter. Such losses or expenses have to be accepted by the customer.

8. Aegean Blue Cruise Yachting and Travel Agency reserves the right to make changes in its trips at any time. In addition to the agreed prices, due to inflationary reasons; Increases in fuel prices or the prices of similar products can be reflected in the tour price and changed. In such a case, our passengers are required to pay the extra price.

9. If the gullet boat breaks down, Aegean Blue Cruise and/or its agents are obliged to repair the gullet boat or replace it by a solid gullet boat within 24 hours. In such a case, no refund will be made.

10. Aegean Blue Cruise Yachting and Travel Agency reserves the right to reject the applicants' applications if it doesn’t find them suitable, and to cancel the booking, if there are people, who are not compatible with our other passengers during the tour. In such a case, no refund will be made.

11. In case of any possible dissatisfaction during the cruise, we recommend that our guests inform the Head office of Aegean Blue Cruise of their complaints immediately while the tour continues. Thus, our officers will be able to find an immediate solution to the problem. Any complaints made later will not be accepted.

12. In case of any change that must be notified by Aegean Blue Cruise, it is our agency's responsibility to notify this change.

13. If our passenger cannot join the tour for any reason, joins late or leaves early, no refund will be made.

14. Aegean Blue Cruise reserves the right to make campaigns and the campaigns are published both on the website and on the social media. It does not include the bookings made before or after the campaign period.

15. The information declared at this website is, in our opinion, correct. However, no responsibility can be accepted for any mistakes that may occur.